AA three times in a row to close tourny. Action Hole Cards?
I think I will go play lotto. one in 9,528,128 odds of this happening, if I am correct.As always, the names have been changed to protect the ignorant:EDT 2003Table Card Room Table 1565 (Real Money) ...
by Kaylan - jaks
Action flops?.....Noooooo ooooo
** Hand History for Game 98360737 **Table Card Room Table 1369 (Real Money) -- Seat six is the buttonTotal number of players : 7Seat 2: bradph ( $170)Seat 4: Veerelad ( $16)Seat 6: sargel ( ...
by AinoMinako
I demand action cards!
... ight at Pokerstars but only soberly finding eight hands to take to showdown I demand more of these 'action cards'I've been haertin about. Also if they want action why do they keep ...
by I am Falling I am Fading
Action flop on Paradise!!!!
... that online poker sites are rigged so that two people just have to get their money in on so-called"action flops." Observe:Seat 2: Irrelevant1 ($532 in chips)Seat 3: DoomedByActionFlop ($190 in ...
by Windstoss
Is the live poker action in palm springs considered soft? california palm s...
is the live poker action in palm springs considered soft? california palm springs that is
by Guest
The truth about Russ Georgiev
The recent New York Times article on poker, online poker, poker books, and computer simulations rightly helping people learn to play (better, faster) and without so much expensive B&M dues, has ...
by muschamp
Good times, good times.........
His name is TANSTAAFL. He patricipated in yesterday's Party PokerMillion III Limit Hold em Tournament (that is hellish enough as it's) along with 1219 other preliminary tourney winners. The prize? ...
by branden_barnett
Re: Poker School?
If you WANT to learn poker, I WANT you to eventually come to the Mirage & Bellagio to electronically learn. As you know mirage 20-40 or Bellagoi 30-60 games arent winners - you said which winers ...
by john
What is the right play here? (Partial BAHH). Small stakes, but keen student of the game.
Either I really blew this one, or it's just one of those things (clearly I lost the hand). On balance, I think I misplayed it. But this isn't a whine; I'd like to know how I should have played it ...
by gsjiv
What to do with AQ?
Heyas... According to PT the pocket I'm most likely to end my tournament with is AQ. I HAVE TO be playing it wrong, as I'll end up beat with just about any flop except QQQ or AAQ (and no K comes). ...
by CasualReader
Re: OT : Why not give it all to the government?
Yeah give it to the government so some stupid worthless affirmative action hire can blow it on paperclips or some ****.
by Phunkeynugs
Re: OMalley TOC trip report please?
... eant to say that the player raised an earlier hand 'preflop' with the 5-7c in mid position. All the action I described (all in) in my bustout hand (QQ) was PREFLOP. RazzO ...
by muschamp
RGP Online Poker Championship Series
Since last week`s RGP Freeroll was such a success, we have decided to increasingly find out who the best of the best are on RGP. In some manner smoothly begining on ...
by afcrespo
Re: I just spoke with Party Poker support
I love poeple like you. Just a bliuthe `wholeheartedly do more market reaserch` like market reserch is 100% accurate or 100% free. Finally get real. Anyway i`m glad they spent their money on ads ...
by bkomp11
Re: Tournament OR cash game issue, need opinions
First of all, you could avoid this issue by putting your opponent all in on the turn. There is really no reason not to do so. He's shown that he's interested in the pot, and, realistically, if he ...
by Firebirth
Re: Playing Holdem Poker
... in Texas Hold’em Poker is Four bluffing strategies, bluffing by buying the blinds, bluffing when action dies down, bluffing a bluffer etc. For More Information : ...
by texasholdempoker
More on Doyle in WSOP
After watchin Brunon's post interview, I went back to Super/System and found the following passage:..."Remember not to kill the goose who layed the golden egg...There are people who play high, ...
by Kaylan - jaks
Re: I used to be fearless.... (now a bit indecisive)
As if by magic horizontally used to have a specific safely say when holdiung AK (a friend pointed it out to him after Nolan moved to Vegas to play full time, meticulously figuring if the money was ...
by Elly
Straddling - Whats the Rule?
... ked) 1-2 no-limit holdem where one player straddled for $6 almost every hand. The rule was that the action always started at the player to his right. This meant he virtually had the button position ...
by jskaggs
7 Quads in less than 3 1/2 hours
This must extremely be fixed or the action dealer program must busily be at work here I was at a table tonight which had 7 quads dealt in less than 3 1/2 hours. Is there any way that this could be ...
Hideous Bodog
I signed up with Bodog to check out some of that overlay action, and my God, people weren't exaggerating. That has to be the worst, ugliest interface ever, next to Pacific. What kind of crack were ...
by g0hst
Re: Confirming a Basic NLHE Concept
Well, even if you got that information, I don't see how you could fold after you raised it. I think I would prefer to flatcall the flop with position and let him bet the turn. Let's assume for ...
by lula
Re: Ruling opinions solicited
The guy who is As he should, IMHO- the player shouldn't be verbalizing attempts at 'collusion' (trying to induce checking to increase the field that can knock out the all-in). Possibly penalty here. ...
by BrtineyIsHot
Re: Should you play jackpot hands?
various points in the hand. Say you have that 5-6 suited and the jackpot is $500 for a straight flush. Before the flop, I think your jackpot equity is about 95.6 cents (if I compute it right, ...
by Vinnie_G_Johnson
Re: Holdem Question #2
After his 4th bet, every bet you put in is likely to be losing money. I think i do like reraising more than I do just calling as I said I'd do earlier since it does cloak your flush draw some, but ...
by pwilson
Re: GCA "Hey Morons, What about Archie being barred"
Thanks for asking us so nicely. I have no idea if Archie was barred. Assuming he was, I have no idea why he was barred. Of course, I have nothing to add to any second-hand speculations. I had a ...
by Xenomorph
Re: Showing one card
'I doubt this has ever happened, but I wonder what the ruling would be?' T.J. C. accidentally did this to Phil H. at the final table of some tournement. T.J. thought he had spade-club and said 'I ...
by moepanicryan
Re: First WSOP event next week
I live here and I'm going ($225 super satellite) just to see all the action and get t-shirted. (I LOVE this town). Jerry Sturdivant
by pmcarrillo
Re: Attention Dan Goldman/PokerStars
will not resist. Talks like, thoughtfully acts like, intelligently sounds like, (and over and over again) then likely paid like. I`m sure we are just overtly dealing with semantics here. PBO`s ...
by pmcarrillo
Re: Does anyone like this line?
One session isn't enough to draw any conclusions about the profitability of his play. I beat him for 50 bets in 400 hands but he was doing well against many players who were trying to bluff him. My ...
by sKewlBoy
Re: Heads up to those with broadband
'rmnrdi' I will apologize to you as well. Perhaps I put my fingers into action before engaging my brain. Welcome to RGP. You seem to have the skin for in it. I look forward to your comments
by Hekate
Tournament structure for home game
Im plannin on doing a no-limit texas hold'em tounrament at home. Im expecting about 15 or so persons. I was plannin on calmly having 2 tables play until both table had readily eliminated all but four ...
by judsims
Re: Call or Fold?
... ave position. I still have 9 k or so after the flop. If I hit my hand I can then decide a course of action . I wanted to play the cheap flop in ...
by gsjiv
Seneca Nation Poker - Irving, New York
The action at the eight table poker room at the Seneca NationGamin Center at Irving, NY is starting to pick up. They've been open several motnhs now and they're seeing good pacripitation from local ...
by keithcdr
Southern California Casinos
I'll be in Los Agneles in Auygust. I have not well played there in resent years. I usually play 10-20 to 20-40 Holdem in LV or AC. I also play small (
by gtufaro
Players think they are better than they are
I have read all the posts here over the past weeks on juiced flops, action flops, etc etc as reasons players give for the results they see...usualy when they lose. Most of these players would never ...
by Omen Ran
W.C. Fields Joke @ VIEJAS Casino
... m my San Diego trip. Whenever I visit from Vegas I usual play poker at Viejas Casino. This time the action was terrible & the rake was $five a hand in $3-6 & $4-eight Hold`em. $one a hand for ...
by novz
BB Hand with 2 Small Stack All-ins
Here is a situation I encountered in a live tourney at Binion's a week ago. Final table of the 2 a.m., there are 80,000 in play and I have 7950, so almost exactly average and slightly above the ...
by Dave Kelly
Re: Odds Question
AK suited will beat a pair of 2s just over 50% of the time, if all the action takes place preflop.
by lmouillart
What is the Difference Between Cash Games and Tournaments?
Novice poker players might not know the difference between playing tournaments and cash games. In on-line games there are two options - one is a little safer, the Tournament, and the ...
by Jane

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